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Agriculture is important to the county’s economy

  • Agriculture provides jobs for 4,871 Manitowoc County residents.
  • Agriculture accounts for $1.4 billion in economic activity.
  • Agriculture contributes $276 million to the County’s total income.
  • Agriculture pays about $20 million in taxes. This figure does not include all property taxes paid to local schools.

Source:  Updated December 15, 2011, by Scott Gunderson, Manitowoc County UW-Extension Dairy Agent.

Who owns the farms?

  • Individuals of families – 91.1%
  • Family partnerships – 6.1%
  • Family-owned corporations – 2.5%
  • Non-family corporations – 0.3%

Agriculture and the environment

Manitowoc County famers own and manage the resources on 257,111 acres of land – 68 percent of all land in the county. This includes pastures, cropland and tree farms.  Farmers implement various conservation practices to protect environmental resources and provide habitat for wildlife.

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