Legislative Insights – Hail Storm Update – February 2014

By:  Mike Howe, Mike Howe Builders & member of The Chamber’s Legislative Committee

Being part of The Chamber of Manitowoc County has opened up many new doors and opportunities in the community. The people I get to meet along the way and the business opportunities that present themselves are outstanding. I encourage other business people to continue to be involved in the community to help set the tone moving forward to continue to make this area successful. It’s been helpful to see The Chamber gather the community both public and private to build relationships and education opportunities to keep the community engaged.

This past year we had a hail storm in Manitowoc that had a truly great economic impact to almost every one of us in different ways. At City Hall the building inspection team had issued out 3979 permits with a value of $40,458,834.00.  That is only a small part of what went on in the city.  The storm had brought in a number of out of town businesses and labor.  There where an estimated 265 contractors that pulled permits and about 30 of them work local.  But what that does for us as a community was great.  The money that came into Manitowoc was from our Insurance companies, that’s main offices are not from around here.  So I look at it as brand new money into the area. This gave every restaurant, bar, hotel, gas stations, lumber yards, tire repair, oil change, and every other business in town a boost.  With that boost business owners could buy new equipment and hire more people that they couldn’t do before.  It gives us a positive outlook for next year because there is more work to be done.  People say there will be no more roofs to be done which may be somewhat true, but what it does is free up money the home owners don’t have to spend on their exteriors but lets them do work to the inside of their house or buy a car. It opens up new opportunities.

I would like to say thank you for allowing me to be your alderman and lets continue to make this a great place to call home.


Mike Howe