Ambassador Spotlight-November 2014

Melody Shiroda is an Independent Distributor for It Works!, home of the ‘crazy wrap thing’. She is excited about sharing Hollywood’s best kept secret: The Ultimate Body Applicator. Botox is painful. Liposuction is expensive. When you take shapewear off, you’re still there. Let the ‘crazy wrap’ tighten, tone and firm you, in as little as 45 minutes. Melody has first hand experience trying each product from the supplement line, to skin care and lifestyle items. She’s a proud ‘product of the product’.

Melody joined the Ambassadors in May of 2013. She is thrilled to be a member of such a fun and caring group. She loves to meet people and has a deep interest for those that are ‘new’. Being an Ambassador gives Melody the opportunity to put her passion for helping others to work. She has a love and excitement for our local business community.Consider being an Ambassador. You have nothing to lose, only gratification to gain.