Legislative Insights: How Our Cities Plan for Snow

The City of Manitowoc has approximately 380 lane miles of road that requires attention during the winter with ice and snow removal. There are also several municipal parking lots and sidewalks in the business district and at each of the city buildings that require attention by the City’s crews.  With the large inventory of roads, surface lots, and sidewalks and a fixed number of resources available, the City has established standards and procedures so that there are reasonable and realistic expectations for when or how snow and ice is handled with each winter event. This does not mean that there is an absolute “bare pavement” policy but rather standards and policies that seek to maintain safe conditions for drivers and those in the community.

Snow and ice removal operations are categorized according to the type of storm and classification of the road with the goal to maintain the roads in a drivable condition and quickly return them to normal conditions according to the priority classifications established below:

Priority 1:        Main Streets / Salt Routes (Arterials) – Clean, dry pavement in driving lanes

Priority 2:        Secondary Streets (Collectors), Downtown Parking Lanes –Hard Pack

Priority 3:        Low Volume Residential Through Streets – Hard Pack

All priority 1 salt routes, parking lots, sidewalks and the cemetery will be plowed during salting operations when snow accumulates to ½” or more.

General plowing operations will commence when snow depth reaches 3” in a winter event or over the course of multiple events.

For a complete list of snow and ice removal policies and procedures, CLICK HERE.

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