Legislative Insights: “Why Are You Running for Your Position?”

The opportunity was given to all of the candidates for County Executive, County Board, and the one Council seat in the City of Manitowoc, to answer the question, “Why are you running for your position?”  Here are the responses we received:

County Executive:

Bob Ziegelbauer:  “I’m running for County Executive because I care about the future of my hometown. I’m committed to doing all that I can to help Manitowoc County be successful and prosperous.  My approach is open and straightforward based on respect for taxpayers and employees who do the work. During my term we have transformed county government while holding the line on property taxes for eighth straight years. County government is in strong shape. We have made good decisions and they have paid off.”  

County Board – District 5:

Tyler Martell:  “I am running for the City Council and the County Board because it’s time that City and County Government work together. I firmly believe that if we try, we can find ways to provide the same quality services at a lower cost. If elected, one idea that I support is exploring the possibility sharing services between the City and the County. We just need to be willing to say no to the status quo and say yes to solutions that work for Manitowoc.”

County Board – District 8:

Martha Rasmus:  “In 2012 I was chosen to fill the vacant District 8 seat. This has been a valuable learning experience where I confirmed my belief that a good supervisor is not single issue focused but has traits of commitment, long range thinking, and a team player.  I benefited from directing a large organization which taught me to be a long-range thinker who planned ahead, collaborated, and worked strategically. My background as a social worker taught me to listen, look for solutions, and understand the impact of decisions. These I bring to the board.”

County Board – District 10:

Phil Hoff:  “District 10 is full of working families with young children. If re-elected, I’ll advocate for policies promoting economic development and growth so that our children will have local career opportunities in Manitowoc County. Manitowoc County’s current failure to encourage economic development places us at a competitive disadvantage in retaining and attracting jobs. I will also continue to ensure that Manitowoc County follows the rule of law, promote policies that treat our hard-working county employees with respect, and introduce legislation removing deliberation of policy issues from the budget process.”

County Board – District 11:

Randy Vogel:   I will act as the voice and hand of District 11. I possess the high ethical standards, self-assuredness, interpersonal skills and courage that this position demands. I have demonstrated significant public service achievements in my role as Detective/Police Officer for nearly 35 years. I am willing and able to pay attention to all matters and am prepared to make hard decisions. I do not shy away from the face of difficulty and believe that I will be able to provide a strong voice. I will be an advocate for the community. I look forward to demonstrating my personal commitment to the areas of public interest, such as keeping costs to a minimum without reducing services to the citizens. As your County Board Supervisor I will constantly strive to achieve the views and best interest for all Manitowoc County residents. 

County Board – District 17:

Susie Maresh:  “The reason that I want to be re elected is to continue the work that I have started and that is as an over seer of our tax dollars. I have carried that out as a member of the Personnel Committee and want to continue that effort. Making sure that our employees are treated fairly is also important but the bottom line is that we are placed in our positions by the tax payer, so that is the work that I wish to continue.”

County Board – District 20:

Carla Halvorson:  “The people of the Mishicot, Two Creeks and Tisch Mills area need someone who speaks up.  I speak up!  The county may be in “good shape”, but I know better shape is possible if tougher questions are asked and the status quo questioned.  For example, the county budget is “good”, but it would be even better if the long, detailed budget version – not the summarized version – was debated, and if a bi-yearly comprehensive insurance review was completed to ensure best value, not just ‘good’ value.”