National Employee Health and Fitness Day: Is Your Company On-board?

Let’s get our employees moving!  National Employee Health and Fitness Day (NEHFD) is a fun way to promote a healthy life style by encouraging employees to engage in 30 minutes of physical activity.  Every year, NEHFD is celebrated the third Wednesday of May and The Chamber of Manitowoc County organizes and sponsors this event for business throughout Manitowoc County.  Getting employers together to make a positive impact on employee’s health, wellness and morale is a great step in the right direction of making Manitowoc County a healthier community.  A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce that comes with cost savings to the employer.  With the amount of time employees spend at work, it makes sense to provide employees with a culture that supports healthy lifestyles.

To participate in this event, employers must sign up through The Chamber of Manitowoc County.  The designated lead for the company will track the number of employees that engage in 30 minutes of physical activity during the NEHFD.  Within a week after NEHFD, participating employees will need to complete a short questionnaire, in which they will report employee participation.  The Chamber will then determine winning companies.  Participating is easy and the Chamber is willing to help in making your NEHFD a success!

This year are also offering a Kick-Off Breakfast on Tuesday, April 12, at 7:30am.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about NEHFD and how your company can participate, motivate and plan for the day.  Click here to register.