Jill Meyer-Lippert

This week is a MUST READ, Meet Jill Meyer-Lippert, owner of Side Effect Support LLC. Learn how her business helps prevent and manage oral side effects from cancer treatments…truly a heartwarming story right here in Manitowoc County!

Why do you love Manitowoc County: The communities throughout Manitowoc County encompass the image and values of small town America: generous, friendly and eager to help those in need. Growing up in the Valders area, I was surrounded with examples of volunteering and a duty to be involved in the community.

In 2006, I developed a volunteer program to provide oral care kits to those being treated with chemotherapy or radiation to the head and neck region at the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic (VLCC). This eventually led to creating my business, Side Effect Support LLC, to help prevent or manage oral side effects of cancer treatments through education, preventive strategies, and product selection. The idea grew from seeing the struggles that my own family members faced during chemotherapy and countless examples through my experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist of not only short-term side effects in the mouth that diminish quality-of life and create dangerous risks for infection, but also long-term damage to oral health that many patients were dealing with years after treatments for cancer were complete

Positive Experience: I enjoy the opportunities to continue volunteering in our community as part of Side Effect Support by offering education for the local Livestrong Program and other cancer support groups and helping with local cancer-related fundraisers.

I am also able to continue periodically providing oral care kits to the VLCC with the help and generous spirit of local businesses and individuals who sponsor the kits. It is heartwarming to see how appreciated the kits are and to help others at the same clinic where so many of my family members received such compassionate care.

Favorite things about our area: I love the lakeshore and take full advantage of biking and running on Mariner’s trail or yoga classes on the beach. There are also so many great opportunities to explore the beauty of our county with hiking and kayaking.