Kaleidoscope Dance Studio

Meet the Kaleidoscope Dance Studio! In the past four years, Kaleidoscope Dance Studio has donated more than $30,000 back to organizations in the county! Learn their #ThinkLovePlay story and why they give back to the community!

Why does your business love Manitowoc County: Being a part of Manitowoc for the last 17 years has been very rewarding. Manitowoc County is filled with such wonderful, generous and thoughtful people with amazingly talented dancers! My business has grown and matured with the help and support of all the people that surround the studio. It is a great community!

Positive experience: This past December we held our 4th annual Tis the Season Christmas Show. Every year we pick an organization within the county to donate all the proceeds to. In the past 4 years, we have donated almost $30,000. December 2017 we donated $8,652 to the Hope House. Putting together the show is hard work for our staff and dancers, we work on it for several months, however, the most important thing is the outcome and how rewarding it is. For these girls and young woman to be apart of something this big really shows them the importance of giving back to the community and this will hopefully be instilled in them throughout their lives and they will continue to be leaders in any community, they choose to spend their lives in. I am so grateful we are able to do something good for those in need.

Favorite thing about Manitowoc County: Manitowoc has a lot to offer for young children and adults. Arts are very important. Learning the discipline of dance is great for any child. Dance has shaped the person I am today and I know many of my dancers are forever grateful and changed because of dance. Manitowoc is lucky to have 4 dance studios where families can be involved in various community events. Dance gives you confidence and the tools to become successful adults. There are so many other great organizations you may be a part of in Manitowoc that give you performance opportunities whether it be a small stage or the Capitol Civic Center.


Kaleidoscope Dance Studio has been providing positive dance experiences since 2001 to all who are interested. Dance is a discipline that exercises the mind, as well as the body and the experiences in dance, should lead students positively in other areas of their lives. The studio produces an annual recital every May (Manitowoc) and June (Denmark) and also participates in several community activities throughout the year including: Showtime, Manitowoc Holiday Parade, St. Pat’s Parade, Denmark, Maribel and Valders Parades, Alzheimer’s Walk, Pink Heals, and Tis the Season. For more information visit KDSWI.com. Like us on FB (Kaleidoscope Dance Studio, Kaleidoscope Dance Denmark) and Instagram (Kds Dancers)! Email us at kdsinfowi@gmail.com.