Active Ways to Be Social at Work

Wellness Council Color LogoStudies show health habits-for better or worse-are strongly influenced by the people we spend time with.  Because you likely spend a great deal of time with co-workers, help one another embrace active, healthful lifestyles.

  • Join a company-sponsored or community sports league and have fun playing basketball, softball, hockey or soccer with your work team.
  • Find a local fitness event, such as a 5k walk/run, walk-a-thon, or sprint triathlon.  Invite colleagues to train with you for the upcoming event.
  • Help organize and promote an internal fitness event. Climb stairs to benefit a charity or create a pedometer step challenge.
  • Take two-minute stretch breaks together throughout the day.
  • Volunteer together to plant trees, clean a park, or walk dogs at the animal shelter.
  • Start an employee bowling league.
  • Invite co-workers to join you for after-work runs, bicycle rides or games of racquetball.