March Ergonomics in the Workplace Presentation



In March, the Wellness Council provided a great presentation, “Ergonomics in the Workplace-A Natural Fit”, by Mary Fitzpatrick Pelegrin of Encore Unlimited.  KI-Manitowoc hosted the event and the presentation included some real life scenarios in the office and manufacturing facility.


If you didn’t get a chance to make the presentation here are some tips to take away today:

  • Ergonomics is the study of work and how it affects the people performing the work.  Through the use of specific tools, ergonomic specialists can assist with identifying job tasks and risk areas that may contribute to injury and lost time.
  • Change no more than 1 or 2 things at a time at the workstation and give yourself at least 2 weeks to become accustomed to the workstation change.
  • Keep the keyboard flat on the desk, or at a slight negative angle on a keyboard tray (i.e. the keyboard should tilt away from you with the bottom rows of keys higher than the top row).  Your goal in ergonomics is to achieve neutral posture.
  • Micro-Breaks: Incorporate 30 second mini breaks throughout the day to allow replenishment of oxygen to the working muscles.

To see the presentation click here.