Webinar: Communication Tools for Covid-19

The Chamber’s Safety Health & Wellness Committee hosted the webinar “Communication Tools for Covid-19”. The webinar was presented by Kristin Jacques from Bellin Health. It also featured a myth busting video from Dr. Burmeister, Bellin Emergency Department Physician who has been on the front lines treating COVID-19 patients.

In the webinar they share information about their webinar series, customized web page, safety assessments and continuing support focusing on both physical and emotional well-being in the workforce and in the greater community.

Helpful Links from Bellin Health:

Please continue to seek out information and materials on our employer COVID website at bellin.org/employercovid.

(Information on this website includes COVID-19 updates, education and communication pieces, workplace policy samples, services and support, and an Ask the expert section so you can get your specific questions answered.)

Conversations with Dr. Brad Burmeister