The Moores

Meet the Moore’s and small business owner and manager of The Medicine Shoppe in Two Rivers and why they #ThinkLovePlay in Manitowoc County!

1. Why does your family, business or you love Manitowoc County?

We love living here because it has everything we need. We love being outdoors and there are a variety of ways in Manitowoc County to get out and enjoy nature. We love hiking at Woodland Dunes and the it’s hard to beat the beaches in summer in Two Rivers and at Point Beach State Park. We can go hunting in the backyard and don’t have to go far to find good fishing. We feel safe here and feel that it’s been a great place to raise our two boys. We’ve been very pleased with the schools in the area and have enjoyed the programming at Lester Public Library. We’ve found some great places to eat and shop. And since we’re within driving distance of the “big city” life of Green Bay, Milwaukee and even Chicago, those experiences are not hard to obtain yet we can still easily get back home to our preferred non-city living.

2. Please share a (specific) positive story that you have experienced while living in Manitowoc County?

Perhaps the best part of living here are the people themselves. Several years ago we bought a house in Two Rivers. The first day that our new house was open to us, my wife went to work and I started moving a few little things from the duplex we had rented. Somehow in the chaos of the move, I managed to lock my car keys and my phone in my car. We didn’t have a phone in the new house yet so I found myself in a neighborhood I’ve never been in, standing outside my new house feeling fairly hopeless. I decided my only option was to find a neighbor who had never met me, explain the situation, and hope for the best. I noticed a car in the garage at a house across the street so I figured this was as good a place as any to start. I rang the doorbell and likely said a little prayer. When the woman opened the door, I nervously introduced myself and shared my predicament. She immediately handed me a phone so I could call my wife. But to my surprise she then handed me a recent newspaper clipping. It was an article that featured The Medicine Shoppe (my employer) and highlighted what the other pharmacists and I were doing to improve patient care. She had heard we were moving in across the street and thought we might like an extra copy of the article! Needless to say, my wife and I felt pretty comfortable in our new neighborhood after that.

3. What’s your favorite characteristic about Manitowoc County? (Ex. recreation, culinary experiences, historical, lakeshore, feeling safe, small quaint community, local shopping)

Our favorite characteristic of Manitowoc County is that it’s the perfect combination of nature and community. It has the “up north” appeal of pine trees and outdoor recreation without the headache of the nearest amenities being an hour away. It’s small town living, but with local shopping, dining, and educational opportunities that don’t make us feel we’re missing out on the big city experience. And it’s the ability to enjoy recreational activities in a setting that’s peaceful and devoid of the metropolitan “clutter” of other areas.