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Jill Meyer-Lippert

This week is a MUST READ, Meet Jill Meyer-Lippert, owner of Side Effect Support LLC. Learn how her business helps prevent and manage oral side effects from cancer treatments…truly a heartwarming story right here in Manitowoc County! Why do you love Manitowoc County: The communities throughout Manitowoc County encompass the image and values of small …

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Laura Wiegert

Meet Laura Wiegert, SVP Marketing from Investors Community Bank! Very involved in the community, Laura shares why she loves Manitowoc County! Laura also helped launch the #ThinkLovePlay campaign! Why do I love Manitowoc County? It was a job move that first brought me to Manitowoc County in 1991. At the time I thought it would …

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The Moores

Meet the Moore’s and small business owner and manager of The Medicine Shoppe in Two Rivers and why they #ThinkLovePlay in Manitowoc County! 1. Why does your family, business or you love Manitowoc County? We love living here because it has everything we need. We love being outdoors and there are a variety of ways in …

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The Goffs

Meet the Goff Family! They braved out the rain to let us take their #ThinkLovePlay photo. From living in a safe community to enjoying the local businesses, learn why the Goff’s #ThinkLovePlay [Manitowoc County] Question: Why does your family love Manitowoc County? We love that almost every weekend, there is something going on here in Manitowoc …

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Meet Lucy-Ann! From feeling safe and able to grow as a young professional in Manitowoc County, the opportunities are endless….Learn why Lucy-Ann Think.Love.Play’s in Manitowoc County! Question: Why do you love Manitowoc County? I love Manitowoc because everything is within ten to fifteen minutes’ drive for me. Compared to Maryland where my family lives, Manitowoc has …

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Meet the Company HUI! Based in the Kiel area, as a business they enjoy that this area is a great place to learn different trades. There are many opportunities around here to start at an entry-level position with a good salary and work your way up. Learn more why HUI  think’s Manitowoc County is great place …

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